Election Results: The Game *FREE Print n Play!*

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Relive the excitement of the 2020 Electoral College Vote Count with your relatives who either can't understand or won't accept the results...yet they understand shapes, colors, and numbers. Everybody wins!

In this fast-paced 2-player card game, you print out the PDF, cut out the cards, shuffle and split the deck, then go head-to-head overturning cards, collecting your color, and filling-in your results with crayon on the United States map. It's just like you're in Election Night Headquarters putting live numbers up on the board!

Play as Joe Biden or Donald Trump and be the first player to reach 270 votes.

(Spoiler Alert: Joe Biden gets 306 EVERY TIME!)

All you need to play is the free PDF, red and blue crayons, and the spirit of democracy flowing through your veins. It's as simple as counting.


Note: The runner-up must concede to the winner. 

Have fun!


The double-sided version has art on the back of the electoral cards.

The single-sided version will be blank on the back.