I started Barry & Jason Games and Entertainment because I liked the name and Barry was available. Only a few years in and this is, by far, the best job I’ve ever had—yes, even better than waiting tables and doing Customer Service for AT&T!
In five years I see myself on a catamaran with Kenny Loggins.


I’ve made hundreds of short films, created advertising campaigns for Hot Wheels, and played a boy who got his tongue stuck to the freezer on William Shatner’s Rescue 911. It didn’t happen to me, I was just the actor. And they happened to have another 11-year-old boy on Standby if I didn’t do a good enough job. That young Standby was Zachary Quinto.


Sometimes referred to as MVP, I do a little bit of everything including operations, accounting, PR, sales and human resources.  I hate strong scents, have a habit of stealing business cards, and enjoy heavy metal music.  I used to be an auditor for insurance companies before I quit (happily) and tried my hand as a business television producer.  I accidentally became a QVC co-host and then decided to start an arts & crafts company.  Somehow, I ended up working for “these guys.”